Invest and get equity in an internationally revered beauty brand VESTIGE VERDANT. Born and based in Estonia, this brand is on its way to becoming a true ICON in luxury beauty products.

We have launched an equity-based crowdfunding campaign in Fundwise and we are opening our doors for the first time for outside investors big and small. The capital we raise will be used to raise revenue speed, amplify marketing volumes and elevate stock volumes to meet a growing demand.

Our Fundwise equity-based crowdfunding campaign will last until 16.01.2019.

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The global market for luxury beauty products is €47 billion with a prognosis of growth up to €57 billion until 2022. Additionally, the organic product sector continues to outpace the rest of the market.

Today, the VESTIGE VERDANT brand is recognized international equity-based and our awarded products have been sold all over the world for more than €800.000. Our sales retention rate is an impressive 47%, thus exceeding the industry average by almost two-folds. equity-based is made possible by creating products that meet and surpass the promises we make, values we carry and the expectations our customers set upon us.

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VESTIGE VERDANT products can be purchased online globally. Our retail network extends to Estonia, Scandinavia, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Australia and New Zeland. We are about to enter the US, Japan, Singapore, Italy international equity and Russian markets, where we have partnership agreements with distributors and retailers already in place.

Our concept has proven itself in both – our domestic market and in significantly bigger relevant markets. We have been able to create a brand and products that are more compelling, engaging, effective and deliver more value to the customer. Proof of this is based on our heartwarmingly positive customer feedback, interest generated in relevant markets and numerous awards we have been honored with.

Our aim is to grow VESTIGE VERDANT into a global ICON in the luxury beauty world with presence from New York to Tokyo.

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Capital raised will help us increase our sales revenues, enable us to increase marketing volumes, widen our brand awareness and product line-up as well as elevate stock volumes to cope with growing demand.

VESTIGE VERDANT equity-based at €1,5 million today. Our purpose is to grow this value to €22,5 million in the next five years with the support of our increasing revenues and capital raised.

We welcome all of you, that are about to share the global success of VESTIGE VERDANT alongside us.

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