Organic Peat Mask

This extremely potent bioactive face mask will deep detoxify and improve your skin texture significantly. Healing and anti aging are natural benefits of this visibly effective beauty ritual.

Rare Oil Blend

This RARE OIL BLEND is a statement –
a true manifesto of organic skin care. Made of truly rare oils of the highest quality, it moisturises, repairs, rejuvenates, reinvigorates and gives your skin a
healthy complexion.

Infinity Eye Serum

The filigrane INFINITY EYE SERUM is a symbiosis of luxury, high-end technology and natural skincare. Designed to effectively help prevent signs of ageing and fatigue surrounding your eyes.

Vestige Verdant


Made with the conviction that
Your body is a temple.

Our products are a monument to 100% healthy, organic and long-lasting beauty. Perfect for metropolitan environments where fast-paced living and pollution are an inescapable part of life, where the need to keep skin fresh rested and glowing is especially important.